Bible Information Class - Feel confident about what the Bible actually says.

Are you curious about what the Bible actually says? I’m sure all of you have heard things supposedly in the Bible, or heard through the voice of others what it says or doesn’t say. But do you really know? Do you feel confident to say with certainty that you know the God of the Bible, his plan and purpose for humanity, and your place in all of this? If you are simply curious, or if you want to have confidence about what God says, this is the class for you.

Our Bible Information Class is simply that, an information class about the Bible. This class will use the Bible alone for guidance, understanding, and clarity. We will talk about who the God of the Bible is and what he is like. We will talk about God’s creation and specifically, humanity, God’s crown. We will take a hard look at Jesus, who he claimed to be, what he stood for, why he did everything he did, and how that affects you and me. We will look at the power God supposedly gives to provide faith, strength, and hope for this life into eternity. We will explore what the Bible says is still to come. We will address hard questions like, “Why is there so much suffering in the world?” “How can I know that the Bible is true?” “What makes Christianity unique and the only right way to God?” All of these things will be thoroughly talked about from the perspective of the Bible so that you can feel confident about what the Bible actually says.

Our Bible Information Class is done in group and individual formats. Stay tuned for our next group class start date. Individual classes can start at any time based on your schedule. We are flexible for you. If you are interested and would like to learn more, check “yes” and fill out the short form below. We will respond as soon as possible!

If you have ever been curious or want to have confidence about the Bible, about God, and about your eternity, this is the class for you. Your questions are welcome. God has given us the answers. What does God have to say to you?

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