Advent at St. Paul

Advent is such a beautiful time of the year, a time to get excited! Prepare your hearts for the Lord. Enjoy some pictures of how we decorated our worship space in preparation for the festival of Christmas.

Rejoice, rejoice, believers,

And let your lights appear;

The evening is advancing,

And darker night is near.

The Bridegroom is arising

And soon is drawing nigh.

Up, pray and watch and wrestle;

At midnight comes the cry.

Christmas Schedule

Things are getting exciting… Christmas is almost here! While there are a lot of festivals and holidays this time of year, don’t miss out on the best one. The Christian Christmas is something we celebrate all year long. God himself took on flesh to come for you. To live and then die for you so that He would be the sacrifice, the gift to God that makes us right with Him.

To keep this at the heart of the season we have some extra worship opportunities.

Midweek Vespers:

Wednesday December 5th, 12th and 19th at 6:30pm

Advent Worship:

Sundays at 9am

Christmas Eve Children’s Service:

Monday December 24th at 6:30pm

Christmas Day Festival Service:

Tuesday December 25th at 9am

New Years Eve Worship:

Monday December 31st at 6:30pm


Thank You: December 1st

Thank you to all those who came and who helped with a busy day at St. Paul. First we had a great (and goofy) time at our Christmas for Kids event. The children sang, danced, made crafts, decorated cookies, and listened to storybooks. Then The Branches Band came and shared the Gospel to us in song.

Christmas for Kids: December 1st

It is almost here! The morning of December 1st St. Pauls Clintonville will host a free event for children… and an excellent opportunity for parents to do some shopping without them. Join us as we have a fun morning that reminds the children the true joy Christians have to celebrate during the Christmas season. For more details, a schedule or to register, go to


Miracle Babies Exist

Magnolia Rose Buelow

We rejoice that Stephanie and Pastor's baby girl was safely born on November 14th. There was a complication with the pregnancy that made things difficult and risky. Doctors repeatedly said this baby wouldn't survive but thanks be to God! Little Magnolia and her mom are both doing well.

Visit Steph's blog to get the latest updates and to read through her experiences with the difficult pregnancy.

Miracle Baby

Thanksgiving Eve Worship Oppurtunity

Thanksgiving is almost here! Are your plans underway? Have you started cleaning or buying the groceries you need? In the hustle and bustle of the holiday, don’t forget about the ravens. Not the team, the birds. Come Wednesday November 21st at 6:30pm as we reflect on how the Lord provides for us. When the Lord’s servant Elijah had no food, the Lord provided for him in miraculous ways. He commanded ravens to go and bring the prophet food. The Lord still provides for us in ways we don’t even know. The Lord also uses us to be ravens for others, providing for them. Come and celebrate the gifts of the Lord.

Wednesday November 21st at 6:30pm

18.11.21 Thanksgiving.png

Men of His Word: Registration is Open!

Registration is open for Men of His Word 2019! Mark your calendars for Saturday February 9, 2019!

Men of His Word equips Christian men to take a leadership role within their family, within their congregation and in their community. February 9th they are hosting a one day conference in Oshkosh. Each year the conference offers a great keynote presentation along with diverse and insightful breakout sessions for whatever roles you serve in life. Visit their website to find out more about this opportunity, to browse the sessions, and to register.

Fall in Clintonville

What beauty is in God’s creation! We just want to share a few pictures of our campus during the fall foliage.

Save the Date: February 23

We just confirmed that on Saturday February 23rd we will host Dr. Lawrence Olson as he presents a one day seminar on Christian Family. More details and information to come as the date approaches so check back or look at our Facebook page.

About the TOPIC: Examination of the biblical teachings concerning marriage, obligations of husbands and wives, procreation, obligations of parents and children, and divorce. Discussion of social problems threatening the Christian family.

About the INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Olson is a pastor, professor and scholar. He currently teaches many of the Staff Ministry courses at Martin Luther College in New Ulm Minnesota.

About the SEMINARS: Have you heard about the CAP program? This class is part of the CAP certification process. The Congregational Assistant Program is enabling and training church leaders from within the church. Lay members can take the classes with their pastor to become more prepared for deeper service to the church. Go to for more details as you consider your role in your church.

CAP Seminar

Branches Band Returns!

Free Concert on Saturday December 1st at 1pm.

The concert will be at St. Paul Clintonville

St. Paul Clintonville — 31 N Park St — Clintonville, WI

Come enjoy a free, Christian concert by the Branches Band. This event is a lot of fun, especially for kids! This group has preformed at church several times and we especially look forward to hosting them in our expanded, updated space.

About the band…

Jesus said, "I am the vine, you are the branches..."

Branches Band, a Milwaukee-based music group, uses their love for music to identify the Savior of the world - Jesus! From a fresh take on ancient hymns to original compositions, from guitars and piano to vocal harmonies, the truth of God's love and grace is at the root of the Branches Band ministry.