Special Needs Service - Thursday at 5:30pm!


Every first Thursday of the month at 5:30pm we host a special worship service here at St. Paul for those with special needs and their families. We know that an ordinary service on Sundays has a lot of barriers that can keep those with disabilities from understanding or being able to participate in normal worship without feeling lost or confused. Families may feel self-conscious that they do not belong or that it is just too hard to attend worship and take care of their relative or friend with a disability. 

It is for those reasons that we have started our special service for those with learning and developmental disabilities and their families. This service contains the same content that any regular service would have. You will hear about how God loves us and forgives our sins. You will have the chance to sing, to pray, and participate in the devotion. At the same time, this service is simplified, clear, and consistent so that it is easy to follow and doesn't leave you or your loved one behind. We also encourage interaction, conversation, and instrumentation! No one should feel embarrassed for adding their voice or instrument to the service and to the singing.

All in all, we would love to have you and your loved ones join us for our special service on the first Thursday of every month at 5:30pm called "Worship at the Cross," part of our Jesus Cares Ministry. If you have any questions, would like to request a prayer, or simply would like to touch base with our pastor, please call at 715-460-3148 or email at saintpaulclintonville@gmail.com.

God be with you!

Lent Begins This Valentine's Day! (Ash Wednesday!)


Join us for this extra special way to celebrate Valentine's Day this year by taking the love of your life with you to St. Paul for our Ash Wednesday meal and service!

In all seriousness, it just so happens that Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday are the same day this year. And I am sure you want to do something special for that special someone in your life on this very important day. What could be more special to share with your loved one than time in the Word?

It may sound different and feel like a bad idea for your relationship. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Making God and his Word a priority in your life and in your relationship is the single greatest thing you can do for yourself, your significant other, and the future you hope to have!

Help that special someone and yourself focus on what matters most in life by joining us for a light supper at 5:30pm and our communion Ash Wednesday service at 6:30pm. 

"This is love; not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins." 1 John 4:10

Celebrate the Real Christmas!


Dear family in Christ Jesus,


Isn’t the Christmas season wonderful?! Sometimes it may not feel that way as you hustle and bustle to get all the cooking, the planning, the gift getting, and the gift wrapping done! It may not feel so wonderful when family is away or not getting along. It may not feel so wonderful no matter how many cheesy movies you watch on Netflix, TV, or from your old movie collection. All of those things can leave you feeling empty and exhausted.


However, this is why Christmas is still wonderful. Christmas is NOT the food, the events, the gifts. Christmas is NOT even about family or stories of holiday cheer. All of those can be wonderful blessings, however, they are not what the real Christmas is. Christmas is so much more. Christmas is a Savior being born for you. Christmas is about Jesus, God made flesh, coming to die for you that you might live. That is why the Christmas season is always wonderful, no matter how busy, different, lonely, or sad it may feel this year. A Savior has still been born for you. He is Christ the Lord. The real Christmas means you have peace with God, you have God with you, you have hope!

This Christmas season, take time to celebrate the real Christmas. There you will truly find reason to say, “This Christmas season is truly wonderful!” Or in the words of the angels, “Glory to God in the highest and peace to men on whom his favor rests!”

Make use of these wonderful opportunities at St. Paul to celebrate with your family and friends the real Christmas:

Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols Service - Sunday, Dec. 24 @ 9am

Christmas Eve Morning will be a lessons and carols service consisting primarily of prophesies that point to and describe the Messiah who would come into the world. These prophesies help to prepare our hearts to welcome the babe born in Bethlehem as our King and Lord.

Christmas Eve Children’s Service - Sunday, Dec. 24 @ 6:30pm

Christmas Eve Evening will feature the children of our congregation telling us the account of that first Christmas and what it means to us. This is one story that never gets old and must be told! “Today in the town of David, A Savior has been born to you, He is Christ the Lord!”

Christmas Day Communion Service - Monday, Dec. 25 @ 9am

Christmas Day will give us a chance to delve deeper into what it means that God became man, the Word became flesh! What makes the incarnation of Jesus so beautiful, mysterious, and especially meaningful to me and all people? Coupled with this service is the Lord’s Supper, where we partake in the mystery of the God-Man for the forgiveness of sins and the strengthening of our faith. 

Along the way, we will sing many if not all of your favorite Christmas and Advent hymns! Young and old will be reminded of how our lives were forever changed that first Christmas morning. Come celebrate the real Christmas with us!

May God bless you and yours this Christmas,

In His service,

Pastor Titus Buelow

“Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.” Luke 2:15