Save the Date: February 23

We just confirmed that on Saturday February 23rd we will host Dr. Lawrence Olson as he presents a one day seminar on Christian Family. More details and information to come as the date approaches so check back or look at our Facebook page.

About the TOPIC: Examination of the biblical teachings concerning marriage, obligations of husbands and wives, procreation, obligations of parents and children, and divorce. Discussion of social problems threatening the Christian family.

About the INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Olson is a pastor, professor and scholar. He currently teaches many of the Staff Ministry courses at Martin Luther College in New Ulm Minnesota.

About the SEMINARS: Have you heard about the CAP program? This class is part of the CAP certification process. The Congregational Assistant Program is enabling and training church leaders from within the church. Lay members can take the classes with their pastor to become more prepared for deeper service to the church. Go to for more details as you consider your role in your church.

CAP Seminar