Christmas for Kids

St. Paul Clintonville is holding a Christmas for Kids event on Saturday December 1st. This free event is for children in 4K through 12 years old. Parents can drop off their kids in the morning and then join them at 12:30pm. Yes, this is a great opportunity to buy gifts without them knowing! After this event St. Paul’s is also hosting a kid friendly concert at 1pm. The Branches Band concert is also free and great for families.

The purpose of this fun day is to remind kids of the true joy we have during Christmas. Yes, there are lots of fun things to do and to get, but the greatest gift ever has already been given.

The event will be at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 31 N Park St, Clintonville, WI.

Questions? Send us an email at

Schedule: Saturday December 1st

  • 8:30am Devotion

  • 9:00am Groups go to different activity stations:



    —Cookie Decorating


  • 11:00am Lunch (included)

  • 11:30am Movie

  • 12:15pm Wrap Up

  • 12:30pm Pick up/Regroup for the concert

  • 1:00pm Concert: Your family is invited to a free, kid-friendly concert by the Branches Band (from the Milwaukee area).

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