Point to Ponder 230

We don't get upset if the Bible is burned or discarded because no one can destroy God's Word.  The Muslims hold the Koran as an idol and to destroy it, they destroy their god.  

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we celebrate with the greatest joy.  No one, not Satan, not government, not our educational system, nothing can take away the victory our Savior has given us.  

Merry Christmas to all.  Bob



The Bible is God’s Word in print.  Burn it, destroy paper and ink, but you didn’t touch God’s Word.  Why is that?

Before the galaxies was the Word, the Word God used to call all things into existence—earth followed by our sun, moon and stars. 

On earth God brought forth His greatest miracle—the Word, born of Mary, to dwell among us, redeeming us from sin’s enslavement.  Only God could save us, thus His name—Emanuel—God with us. 

The Word, Emanuel, came to His own, who rejected Him, crucifying Him.  But He rose!  He lives!  The Word incarnate, Jesus Christ, overcame death.

Bible readers are inspired by God’s power receiving salvation, transforming desolation to delight, despair to eternal joy, parched souls to unquenchable springs of flowing water.  The Word lives, therefore we live.  What a gift! 

When we hold the Bible, paper and ink, we hold the indestructible promise and power of God—life and salvation.  Use it!  Don’t lose it!


John 1:1-5,14



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