Point to Ponder 235

Unfortunately it happens.  Someone in the congregation starts a malicious rumor that catches on fire and runs through the congregation.  The destruction such rumors cause can become unrepairable.  Thus the following Point.  Bob


Always there's a hellish fire in a congregation.  Satan relentlessly attacks biblical truth. That's why all Christians must be well versed in God's Word to stop the wagging tongues. Attacks against the solid teachings of Scripture are obvious.  What's not so easy to quench is the back draft created by gossip, the repeating of unsupported information.

A Christian day school teacher was leaving church nearing midnight about the same time the pastor closed his office.  He asked if she had her car. She didn't.  For safety reasons, he escorted her to her apartment not far away.  A member saw the two and started a story, which resulted in both pastor and teacher having to resign - an unquenchable fire.  Only Satan was grinning.

The raging back draft of gossip destroys relationships, reputations as well as congregations.  When there's concern, Jesus would have us speak privately in love.  Not gossip, but rather loving attention to truth building and strengthening a congregation with God’s love in Christ.



He who would love life and see good days, Let him refrain his tongue from evil, And his lips from speaking deceit.  1 Peter 3:10


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