Point to Ponder 237

A big problem that is looming before us is not only the government waste, but unfaithfulness of both students and employees.  Thus, this point.


          This commandment has consequences when ignored. From snitching cookies without permission to fudging figures on our income and everything in between is sin. 

Actually we’re amazed when someone returns a wallet to the rightful owner, some type of reward is anticipated; however, it’s exactly what God expects us to do.

          We are to respect and protect other people’s property rather than wasting, destroying or taking advantage of our neighbor.  When we look in the mirror, what kind of a person do we see?  Do we cheat on tests?  Do we fail to do the best we can where we’re employed?  Do we appreciate that whether a student, employee of industry or government, we’re not there to serve ourselves, but to labor for our Lord, who has not only created us, but has given health, energy, talents by which we are to use to His glory.

          If guilty, Christ carried our sins to the cross redeeming us from all sin.  Praise and serve Him.



It is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.

1 Corinthians 4:2