redefined by faith -- 12/31/18

What defines you? What defined your 2018? Was there a choice or a change that has affected how you define yourself? Are you labeled for something you don’t want to be labeled as? Are you overwhelmed by new responsibilities? Are you discouraged by the growing challenges before you? Have you been abandoned by others, especially those who were closest to you? Do you feel lost in the changing landscape of your life and experiences? Do you feel worthless?

You are not alone. In the pages of Scripture, we find countless people who feel, hurt, and struggle just as we do. We also have the privilege of finding, in their stories, how their faith in God helped them to leave behind their old self and take hold of a new identity. They were defined by their faith.

As we close out 2018 tonight, let us surround ourselves with a cloud of witnesses that testify to the power of God to heal the past and pave a new future. Then spurred on by their example, may we also look to be defined by our faith in this new year.

Sermon from 12/31/18