Luke 10 It’s Time to Re-examine… Being Neighborly

The believer loves his neighbor. We have every reason to love him. We know what we were when God found us; we know the love and mercy he poured out on us. Christ, the compassion of God, has treated our spiritual wounds and paid for our healing with his own blood. As we have known his goodness, let us do good to all. As our Prayer of the Day reminds us: The word is planted in our hearts, and now we ask the Holy Spirit to bring forth such fruits of faith as loving our neighbor for the sake of Christ.

Eight Sunday after Pentecost -- August 4, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Luke 10:25-37

Finding Freedom: In Service

The Lord invites believers to take part in his kingdom work. What joy and privilege is ours to work in his harvest fields, to witness the power of the Spirit, and to support this ministry! However, even though this is such an amazing privilege, we often treat it more like a chore and a burden. We get caught up in what we need, what we want, and how much it will cost to follow Christ. Today, let us remember what we have in Jesus and why that gives us the freedom to serve our God and others regardless of the cost. Let us find freedom in service!

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost -- 28, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Galatians 6:1–10, 14–16

Finding Freedom: In Being Clean

When God calls us to faith, he calls us to a totally different way of life. We are no longer simply pushed along by whatever the world or our own sinful desires lead us to do. Instead, we are drawn by God to go upstream, to fight against the world, our own selfishness and sinfulness, and the devil himself. Only the Spirit can teach us and empower us to follow Jesus to the cross and beyond. And it is only in following Jesus that we find true freedom and life.

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost -- July 21, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Galatians 5:1, 13–25

FINDING FREEDOM: from Social Pressure

Today we will focus on the challenge of holding on to our faith and putting that faith into practice despite social pressure to forget God, to compromise our beliefs, or to hide in fear.

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost -- July 7, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Galatians 1:1-10

Finding Freedom from the Past

We also continue our sermon series on the book of Galatians today. Paul, by sharing his own story from Christian killer to Christian missionary, gives us hope that we too can find freedom from our past through God’s redemption and purpose through his call.

Third Sunday after Pentecost -- June 30, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Galatians 1:11–24

Finding Freedom from Uncertainty

This sermon begins a new series based on the book of Galatians called: Finding Freedom. With this first reading we will focus on how knowing Jesus and trusting in him gives us complete freedom from uncertainty in life and life hereafter.

Second Sunday after Pentecost -- June 23, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Galatians 1:1-10

Numbers 6 A Father’s Blessing

The mystery of the Holy Trinity is beyond our comprehension. Yet it is proclaimed in Scripture and believed by Spirit-wrought hearts of faith. We believe in the one true God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The height, depth, and breadth of our God gives us peace as we travel towards eternity.

First Sunday after Pentecost -- June 16, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Numbers 6:22-27

Revelation 22 Preparing for the Beginning and the End

Have you forgotten what is coming? In the busyness of today, have you lost sight of what needs to happen before tomorrow? At any time, Jesus, the Beginning and the End, could return. When he does, this world will end and the time to turn to him will be over. Are we ready for that? Are our friends, neighbors, and family? Are we ready for the beginning of eternity? Let us prepare for the Beginning and the End.

The Day of Pentecost -- June 9, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Revelation 22:12–17, 20

Revelation 21 Powered by the Light

Our world is a dark place. We see darkness all around and within us. It often feels like there is no light. Don’t be fooled! The darkness has been defeated. The Light lives again. He also lives in us by faith and powers us with hope today. And one day we will dwell in His city forever with no need for any other source of heat, light or life. You are powered by THE Light!

The Sixth Sunday of Easter - June 2, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Revelation 21:10-14,22-23

Your Turn!

The Scriptures had been fulfilled. Humankind had been redeemed. Death had been conquered and the King was going home. Now, it was time to begin the work of carrying the message of Christ’s victory to the ends of the earth. Who does God choose for this important task? Ordinary people like you and me. Clothed with the Spirit and filled with resurrection joy, we are the perfect witnesses to share his work with the world.

The Ascension of Our Lord -- May 30, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Luke 24:44-53

Revelation 21 Witnessing a New Beginning

Do you feel that the world isn’t as it should be? When we experience sorrow beyond words, pain without healing, grief without reprieve, it is easy to think, “This isn’t right… this shouldn’t happen… I was not meant to go through this.” If that is how you feel, you are right! Our world is not as it should be. It is broken. But one day, it won’t be anymore. One day we will witness the creation of a new heaven and a new earth where there will be no sorrow, no pain, no grief… and God will dwell among his people as he did in the beginning.

Fifth Sunday of Easter -- May 19, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Revelation 21:1-6

Revelation 7 Among the Multitude of Saints

Do you feel alone in your struggle against sin and your fight to remain faithful to your Savior? Well, you are not alone! You are part of a great multitude of believers in heaven and on earth. You are one of the saints today, those made holy by the blood of Jesus. Together with them, you worship the Lamb who was slain and you will continue to worship him for all eternity. You are far from alone.

Fourth Sunday of Easter -- May 12, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Revelation 7:9-17

Revelation 5:11-14 Before the Throne of God

Right now, we may get frustrated with authority, with the world around us, with events in our own lives. But let us not forget in our fear that Jesus has won over everything. He is not just the willingly weak Savior who came to die. He is also the King of kings who sits on his throne on high.

Third Sunday of Easter -- May 5, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Run Out of That Grave!

This is the day our hope hinges on. If Christ had not been raised, our faith would be meaningless. Everything Jesus said about himself wouldn’t be true. We would still be drowning in our sins. Death would still reign over us. But… Christ has been raised! Jesus rose from the dead. This reality changes everything. We are free. All he said is true.

Death has no power over us.

Easter Sunday -- April 21, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

John 20:1-18

From the eyes of those who were there... Jesus

As the innocent man was wrongly convicted and crucified, where were his thoughts? Was it on his pain and misery? Not at all. As we see Jesus led to Calvary, weak and wounded, he pauses and tells the women not to cry for him. His mind was on everyone else, including us. Remember, Jesus came into the world to die so that he would be the sacrifice that makes us right with God.

Good Friday -- April 19, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

From the eyes of those who were there... Judas Iscariot

Not relying on Jesus is scary, we see that in Judas. So let us fix our eyes on Jesus today and every day. He alone will always love us even when we have betrayed him. When we look at Judas on the night of the betrayal, let us see the undying love Christ showed him, and that Christ still shows us everyday.

Maundy Thursday -- April 18, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Fighting Temptations: Not Bowing a Knee

While the crowd praised Jesus as he came into the city with palm branches and cries of hosanna, so many of them remained the king of their own destinies. They honored him with their lips, but their hearts were far from him. Do you honor God with your lips, but your heart is often far from him? Are we a group of royalty willing to say that we love Jesus but we refuse to bow our knees to him in our thoughts, our routines, our desires, our dreams, our morality, and in all of our reality?

Palm Sunday -- April 14, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Isaiah 45:22-25

Fighting Temptations: Living with Past Guilt

Will you still struggle with your sin? Yes. In this life, we will have to still struggle with sinful desires and evil forces within and without… however, you are not alone nor are you the person you were. Resolve to live in that new identity and believe in the new you, no longer a wilderness, but a blooming valley of grace upon grace. You are not what you were. You are made new.

The Fifth Sunday of Lent -- April 7, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow

Isaiah 43:16-24