Ephesians 5:21–31 Committed to Real Love

How do we really love? 
It begins with the word submit. I know this is a word that our culture doesn't like very much. It is probably a word you don't like very much. However, in that word is the key to really loving one another. Submit means that we place someone else's will, well-being, and welfare over our own. We serve. We give. We sacrifice. Love is about the other... and not about you. 
This is not the "love" WE often see or do.
This IS the love we have been shown and given by our Savior.
This IS the love he calls us to learn from him and empowers us to do.


14th Sunday after Pentecost - August 27 2018
Ephesians Sermon Series: We are the Church #7
Pastor Titus Buelow