Luke 10 It's Time to Reexamine... What Needs to Get Done

Do you have a list about a mile long of things you have to get done today? Me too. We all have so much to do. Most of it feels like it has to get done today or else.

All of those things may be important, but there is one thing that is more important than all of those tasks that often doesn't even make our list. That one thing is God's Word.

Where does that rank of your priority task list today? On the top or on the bottom?

This sermon focuses on the account of Mary and Martha hosting Jesus. Jesus makes abundantly clear that while many things are good, only one thing is truly needful, and it tends to be the last thing we prioritize. Only the words of our Savior himself have the power to save us from the stress and busyness of everything else. Only the words of our Savior can bring us from death to life, from fear to joy, from hell to heaven.

Let us reexamine what NEEDS to get done. Read Luke 10:38-42.

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost -- August 11, 2019

Pastor Titus Buelow