2019 Church Council

At the January Voter’s Meeting the new Church Council was formally elected. The Council is meant to bring organization to the church by assigning specific areas to specific leaders. Having the Council also helps our Pastor be able to focus on what we have Called him to do. If you have an idea, question or concern for a certain area of the church, please talk to these people.

Jon Laack, Council Chairman

Dave Heup, Vice Chairman

Chad Dobbe, Council Secretary

Art Ebbinger, Treasurer

David Winkler, Financial Secretary

Austin Retzlaff, Education Coordinator

Chuck Schowalter, Evangelism Coordinator

Tom Ganster, Elder

David Schley, Elder

Dan Janz, Elder

Earl Fields, Trustee

Dustin Laabs, Trustee

Michael Tessmer, Trustee


Winter Weather

During this weather, please make sure the roads are safe to come to church events. We will do our best to keep the calendar updated when events are postponed or canceled because of unsafe driving conditions. Stay safe and stay in the Word!

I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord” Psalm 122:1 picture of St. Paul Church in Clintonville Wisconsin

Church Directory Available

The 2019 Church Directory is done and ready for pick up! Pick your copy up so you can stay in touch with your church family. If you do have an update to your contact information, feel free to let Chuck or Sandy know.

Church Family Directory

Winter in Clintonville

Winter continues here in Clintonville. From January 27th through the 28th there was a snow storm that brought Clintonville 8. 7 inches (according to a local news station). Enjoy these photos of our church from somewhere warm.

Winter at you Clintonville church:

One Month: Christian Family Seminar

ONE MONTH! In one short month St. Paul Clintonville will be hosting Dr. Lawrence Olson as he presents a one day seminar on the Christian Family. Help us prepare for this event by registering soon so that we have enough materials prepared.

Click below to find out more information about the event and to register for it.


Did you know we are in the church season of Epiphany? During this time our readings focus on Christ revealing himself as the Messiah. The word "epiphany" itself means "to reveal". The colors on the altar the next few weeks will be green to remind us of growth. With the readings the next few Sundays, listen to how Christ grew the Kingdom during his earthly ministry.

Epiphany at St Paul Clintonville, picture of cross and green altar cloth

Name Change: Camp Rise

Every summer hundreds of young Christians meet for faith and fun at Camp Indianhead… until this year. It was recently announced that Camp Indianhead has had a name change to Camp Rise. This will be the same great camp, just with a new name.

This year, from July 7th through the 12th students who will have just finished grades 4-9 will meet at the Luwisomo campground (Wild Rose, WI) for Camp Rise. To find out more or to find out about registration, go to Camp Rise’s website…



Church Family Night -- 1/24

Church Family night has been moved to Thursday, January 24.  Come enjoy time with your Christian friends here at St. Paul.  Relax, a meal will be provided.  This time we will do some painting… no, not the walls.  We’ll have paint and canvasses to explore your creative side.  Come on, join us, it will be fun!

19.01.24 Church Family Night.jpg

Men of His Word 2019

Gentlemen, have you signed up yet? Men of His Word is an exciting opportunity to join with hundreds of other Christians and go deeper into the Word. This conference is tailored to men and has a wide variety of sessions/presentation that will encourage you in whatever place you are in life. Check out their website for more details and to register.

The conference is in Oshkosh. We will meet up in the church parking lot and carpool to the event.


18.02.09 Men of His Word Promo3.jpg


Do you struggle with being married, wondering how you can grow closer to your spouse without making it worse? Do you struggle in your parenting, trying to convey to your children your love instead of your impatience and anger? Do you want advice on how to help other married couples and other parents who have never had a Christian example to look to or to emulate?

If any of these things are true, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Join us for a one-day seminar about Christian marriage and family.

Our focus is on Scripture as we turn to God for direction and guidance. What are his perspectives on the family? How are we to live faithfully in our own family lives? How may we help others become more like the families God wants them to be?  See what God’s description of marriage and family tell us about him. 

This is a formal class that will fill you with knowledge, advice, and opportunities to discuss and to grow in a life-changing area of your life and the lives of those you love most. You will not regret the time you invest into Christian marriages and families.

Click below to find out more about this exciting opportunity: