Celebrating our Annual Mission Festival

Come, one and all! Join us for our mission festival! (it sort of rhymes)

This coming Sunday, October 28, St. Paul is celebrating it's annual Mission Festival. Our guest speaker will be Pat Schlosser who is a disaster relief nurse. She has traveled all over the world caring for the bodies and souls of complete strangers, bringing them an unending hope in times of great difficulty.

Pat will present during our Bible Class hour at 9am. A mission-themed service will follow at 10am with a potluck meal after that. We would love for you to join us.

Pat’s presentation today could be titled: Mending Bodies — Saving Souls

Following disasters, it's easy for nurses to feel like they want to go out and “save the world.” Our focus was on mending the bodies, but we quickly realized that we couldn't save them all. What a huge blessing to know that we didn't have to—we simply needed to tell them about Jesus, the one who already did.

From NYC to Haiti and more, I was given many unique opportunities to experience mission work first hand and to see the amazing difference God can make in people's lives. We were there mending bodies — but Jesus was there saving souls.