Severe Storms in Clintonville

Friday night was a wild one! Maybe you had just finished setting up your tent at the Family Retreat. Maybe your were at home, getting ready to rest. No matter what you were doing, if you were in the Clintonville area you know about the severe storms.

It is fun watching severe weather from a safe place. The might of the winds, the ferocity of the rain and the barrages of bright lightning flashes were in full force Friday. When the weather is down right scary, it reminds us that we don’t control it. The weather is beyond us, we can hide from it but we can’t prevent the weather from getting severe… and we know that we are powerless if the storms get worse. Frightening storms are a great reminder to us, we are only human. When we acknowledge what we can’t do, it reminds us of who can and how great He is! Jesus can control and guide the weather. While He was on Earth He showed us this. God is powerful and beyond us, yet the One who even the storms listen to chose to submit Himself to be the least of us. He allowed Himself to be treated as a criminal, tortured, humiliated, and executed. When the weather gets fierce take comfort in the God who loves you.

Thankfully with all the strong winds and rain there was no damage to the church. No flooding in the basement. No fallen trees.