Construction Continues...

We have had a lot of changes in the past few weeks! The building is getting closer to its new shape. The west end addition has been enclosed (and not too soon with all the rain!). The east walls and roof are going up this week. Next week, the wall will be taken out between the current sanctuary and the new east addition. At the same time, the inside ceiling will be painted and basement preparations will be ongoing to prepare for the new heating and cooling system. 

While all this work has been going on through our contractor and subcontractors, we have had an amazing turn-out of our own members to defray costs incurred through demolition, preparation and cleaning. Two Saturdays ago, 30 volunteers helped demolish the inside and prepare for the renovations within. This past Saturday, we had another great turnout to do so much more work upstairs but even more in the basement. Thank you so much to everyone who gave of their time and talents to help us keep costs down and keep everything moving efficiently and quickly! Before we know it, this whole building project will be done, and we will have a new beautiful temple to worship the Lord in!

In the meantime, we have moved to our temporary worship location at the Clintonville High School Auditorium (64 Green Tree Rd., Clintonville, WI). The space worked very well for our purposes this past weekend and it will continue to serve as our location for worship and Bible Study on Sundays during construction (probably through Sunday, August 5th). We would love to have everyone join us to hear the clear Word of God and the hope of salvation given to us through Jesus Christ! Please enter through door 19 on the north (backside) side of the High School under the green awning. There will be ushers to guide you to the auditorium from there (Also see map and pictures on our home page for more direction).  

Through all this change, it is good for us to remember the changeless nature of our God and his Word. He is and always will be our Rock, our cornerstone. This is our firm foundation and our motivation as we build to share the good news of Jesus with our community!

"Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock." Isaiah 26:4