Nearing The End!

In only three weeks time, we should be moving into our new renovated and expanded space on North Park. I cannot begin to describe how excited I am about the work the builders have been doing and the purpose for which all of this is being done.

This whole project began and was continued so that our space would be functionally excellent at giving people what they really need, Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died for the sins of all people. Unfortunately, there are a lot of roadblocks that keep people from hearing about Jesus and all that he has done. Often this happens before a person even steps foot inside a church. This renovation and expansion has grown out of a desire to make the place appealing to all people SO THAT more will enter our doors to hear the good news that we hold so dear.

More fellowship space was also added so that our church can continue making the message we hear something that we can put into practice right away. The beauty of Jesus taking wretched sinners like us, forgiving us and remaking us is that it puts all of us in the same boat. We all have received undeserved love. This causes us to be a family of misfits who have been adopted by our merciful God! From this beginning, God makes a new community bound by some pretty deep and honest ties. Our fellowship area allows us to be this new community and to make it clear to guests that they too fit right in. 

For you, members, guests, friends, I can't wait to join you in our new space for worship, Bible Study, and fellowship in just a few short weeks. I hope you catch a little of my excitement about Jesus and what he has done for me, for you, and for this community. To God alone be the glory.

- Pastor Titus Buelow