Men of His Word: Registration is Open!

Registration is open for Men of His Word 2019! Mark your calendars for Saturday February 9, 2019!

Men of His Word equips Christian men to take a leadership role within their family, within their congregation and in their community. February 9th they are hosting a one day conference in Oshkosh. Each year the conference offers a great keynote presentation along with diverse and insightful breakout sessions for whatever roles you serve in life. Visit their website to find out more about this opportunity, to browse the sessions, and to register.

Fall in Clintonville

What beauty is in God’s creation! We just want to share a few pictures of our campus during the fall foliage.

Save the Date: February 23

We just confirmed that on Saturday February 23rd we will host Dr. Lawrence Olson as he presents a one day seminar on Christian Family. More details and information to come as the date approaches so check back or look at our Facebook page.

About the TOPIC: Examination of the biblical teachings concerning marriage, obligations of husbands and wives, procreation, obligations of parents and children, and divorce. Discussion of social problems threatening the Christian family.

About the INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Olson is a pastor, professor and scholar. He currently teaches many of the Staff Ministry courses at Martin Luther College in New Ulm Minnesota.

About the SEMINARS: Have you heard about the CAP program? This class is part of the CAP certification process. The Congregational Assistant Program is enabling and training church leaders from within the church. Lay members can take the classes with their pastor to become more prepared for deeper service to the church. Go to for more details as you consider your role in your church.

CAP Seminar

Branches Band Returns!

Free Concert on Saturday December 1st at 1pm.

The concert will be at St. Paul Clintonville

St. Paul Clintonville — 31 N Park St — Clintonville, WI

Come enjoy a free, Christian concert by the Branches Band. This event is a lot of fun, especially for kids! This group has preformed at church several times and we especially look forward to hosting them in our expanded, updated space.

About the band…

Jesus said, "I am the vine, you are the branches..."

Branches Band, a Milwaukee-based music group, uses their love for music to identify the Savior of the world - Jesus! From a fresh take on ancient hymns to original compositions, from guitars and piano to vocal harmonies, the truth of God's love and grace is at the root of the Branches Band ministry.


Agents of Grace

David was the greatest king of God's Old Testament people, the Israelites. The Old Testament has more biographical information written about David than any of the other Old Testament heroes of faith. Throughout his life, God used many people to mold David into the man and leader he came to be.  During these Bible studies we will look closely at those people and read how they impacted David.  We also discuss those the Lord has brought into our lives and what impact they are having on us.   

These informal gatherings will last around an hour.  Please contact Chuck for more information. 

See you Thursdays at 6:30pm!


Open House: Thank You

A heartfelt thank you to our community for coming and celebrating our building project with us! Thank you for coming to our open house and taking a look at our building. We love our town! We love our area!!!


Community Open House

You've seen the construction project from the outside, now come see the inside! The building project at St. Paul in Clintonville has finished and we are welcoming the community to see expansion. From 1-4pm on Saturday October 6th, come to our N. Park campus. We'll have activities for kids, refreshments to enjoy and a building to explore!

Visit us Saturday, October 6th between 1 and 4pm at 31 N. Park St in Clintonville (or you are always invited to visit us Sundays at 9am).

Come see our new church home, we’ve made room for you!

St. Paul Clintonville

St. Paul Clintonville

One More Sunday at High School - August 26!


An Announcement from our Church President:

Dear St. Paul members and friends,

The Vision Committee meet this Wednesday and made the decision we should worship at the high school again this weekend.  Due to some setbacks at the church we just do not see it feasible to have our services at the church.  We are sorry for the change once again, we know how exited members are to get back to our home turf.  Please be patient with this process and we promise you all we are very close to being back in the church.

Again we will be worshiping at the high school again this Sunday 8/26/2018 Service Time 9:00 with bible study after.

We are still having our work day this Saturday starting at 8:00.  We have an extensive list of jobs that need to get done.  Please bring old rages, buckets and shop vac if you have one.  Lords blessings to you on the rest of your week.

In his glory!

Austin Retzlaff

Nearing The End!

In only three weeks time, we should be moving into our new renovated and expanded space on North Park. I cannot begin to describe how excited I am about the work the builders have been doing and the purpose for which all of this is being done.

This whole project began and was continued so that our space would be functionally excellent at giving people what they really need, Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died for the sins of all people. Unfortunately, there are a lot of roadblocks that keep people from hearing about Jesus and all that he has done. Often this happens before a person even steps foot inside a church. This renovation and expansion has grown out of a desire to make the place appealing to all people SO THAT more will enter our doors to hear the good news that we hold so dear.

More fellowship space was also added so that our church can continue making the message we hear something that we can put into practice right away. The beauty of Jesus taking wretched sinners like us, forgiving us and remaking us is that it puts all of us in the same boat. We all have received undeserved love. This causes us to be a family of misfits who have been adopted by our merciful God! From this beginning, God makes a new community bound by some pretty deep and honest ties. Our fellowship area allows us to be this new community and to make it clear to guests that they too fit right in. 

For you, members, guests, friends, I can't wait to join you in our new space for worship, Bible Study, and fellowship in just a few short weeks. I hope you catch a little of my excitement about Jesus and what he has done for me, for you, and for this community. To God alone be the glory.

- Pastor Titus Buelow